YKK Invisible ZIP 20cm Navy Blue (919)

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Looking For YKK Invisible ZIP 20cm Navy Blue for your sewing projects? You certainly are in the right place! Look no further than our range of  multipurpose and super durable YKK zippers!

YKK Invisible ZIP 20cm Navy Blue is small yet very durable type of fastening which gives you a seamless appearance.
An invisible zipper features no stitching and no zipper showing at all on the finished application – the opening simply looks like a seam, with the exception of the tiny color-matched tab use to open the zipper. An invisible zipper is different from a standard zipper, but can be substituted for a regular zipper in all applications.

Type: Close end zipper Size: #3

It will be perfect as a fastening for all types of dresses, skirts, elegant trousers, crafts projects, sportswear, cushion covers, pillows and duvet covers, pockets, bags, small sachets etc.

Our coil concealed nylon zippers are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

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Weight 100 g

Glitter Ribbon


Gold Glitter Ribbon


Gold Glitter Ribbon



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